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Tammy Parker

Tammy Parker was placed in an extremely tough situation when she unexpectedly lost her job. While searching for stable employment, she found herself lacking resources such as childcare and transportation assistance. When discussing this unusual predicament she stated, “Struggling encourages me to always keep pushing forward.” Ms. Parker noted during this challenging time, the support provided by CareerSource Escarosa Staff was instrumental in connecting her with a suitable employer. She said that Escarosa Staff provided her with encouragement not only throughout the process of gaining employment, but the staff encouraged her to gain employment in a career of her choice!

Ms. Parker’s positive approach allowed her to use her unemployment status as grounds in which she could make a positive career change. Her confidence and determination pushed her to complete all necessary training requirements and obtain uniforms for her new job. As a result of her hard work, Ms. Parker has joined the professional team at IHOP. When asked what she looks forward to the most she stated, “Having the opportunity to grow professionally in a career field I desire.” Her advice to other individuals who may be experiencing difficulty finding employment is, “It’s important to know you are the key to your OWN success.”

Submitted by Career Advisor, Candice Mimms