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Sheila Savage

Sheila Savage created ex-offender services at CareerSource Escarosa. She was hired as a part-time employee in 2014 to provide counseling and job placement assistance to ex-offenders who were utilizing CareerSource Escarosa services. CareerSource noted that ex-offenders were struggling with their job search. Many employers would not accept applications or consider an ex-offender for many jobs. Sheila created workshops, orientations, and counseling sessions specifically targeting the needs and struggles of the ex-offender. Demand for Sheila’s services rapidly grew, and she was hired on as a full time Career Adviser in March, 2015. Her no-nonsense approach has resulted in ex-offenders who now approach their job search with self-acceptance of their past crimes, a no-excuses attitude, and an ability to promote their value in what each of theses participants has to offer to potential employers. Sheila set a personal goal for herself for this program year to place 100 ex-offenders into sustainable employment. On June 30th, she had placed 132 ex-offenders (over 50% of the customers that she worked with). Her success has been noticed and her assistance has been sought out by local and federal judges, probation, and parole professionals, community organizations and other workforce boards. Many are not trying to eulate Sheila’s approach to ex-offender placement. However, what others are missing in their attempt to duplicate Sheila’s success…is Sheila. Her experience, compassion and commitment to her customers cannot be duplicated.