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Perry Gill

Disabled Army Veteran, Perry Gill, has battled with memory impairment and developmental barriers for the majority of his life. However, Perry has always been a worker and was not going to let barriers to get in the way of a career. Mr. Gill enjoyed the structure of the military. His mechanical aptitude and work ethic ensured his success in the military motor vehicle pool—including advancement to supervisor responsibilities.

Although Mr. Gill did not have trouble finding a job after military life, he struggled maintaining and advancing into a specific career. Upon his initial meeting with DVOP Rachel Cain, he had not found his place in the civilian world—in regards to employment. He tried several training and employment programs including but not limited to corrections, truck driving, and a sheet metal internship. After meeting with DVOP Rachel Cain, she provided an extensive review of his knowledge, skills, and abilities. Their collaboration revealed that the job search focus should shift from formal training and higher education to applying for jobs with the skills he already possessed.

Mr. Gill attended a variety of CareerSource Escarosa interview, resume, and customer service workshops to prepare for an immediate focus in job search. As a veteran over 55 not accustomed to computers, he was severely limited by not having the ability to adequately apply and job search online. He attended several typing and computer workshops provided by CareerSource Escarosa  and vastly improved his computer aptitude. He utilized Word, Internet Job Search Databases, and email for job search purposes.

Ms. Cain provided several job referrals to Mr. Gill. She focused on referrals that Mr. Gill was qualified for and would fit with the company culture. Perry’s warehouse, plumbing, and home repair experience made him an obvious fit for Home Depot. Mr. Gill made a tremendous impression at the interview, showcasing that he was a dependable worker that, “showed up early, worked hard, and was ready to make a lifetime career with Home Depot.” He was hired immediately and has finally found his place.

“I enjoy working here, it’s fun and everyone is really nice. Home Depot appreciates their employees; they have great benefits, bonuses, and opportunities to advance. I love it and I am here to stay.” –Perry Gill

Submitted by CareerSource Escarosa DVOP, Rachel Cain