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Adrianne Daniels, RN

CareerSource Escarosa & WIA Program Staff,

I am proud to say that I finally succeeded at obtaining my RN license. After I got my passing test results back I immediate emailed my WIA Career Advisor, Jim Boyden, to report the good news!

I took the NCLEX for the Board of Nursing in Florida after I was cleared to do so by my school upon graduating in August 2013 and finishing a preceptorship clinical which lasted until October 2013. I rushed through it because everyone had warned me about waiting too long after school to take it and I had gotten an ATI review report back from school saying that if I reviewed for two weeks I would be ready to take the exam. I didn’t adequately prepare and of course, the test shut off early causing me to have failed. Afterwards I realized that I would have to review the content a little more. I used the Hurst Review only and tried the NCLEX again only to fail midway in the test.

After that, I began wondering what was wrong. A lot of my classmates had already passed the test. What was I doing differently? I looked online and found that everyone took a minimum of six weeks to prepare, so this time I studied intensely. I stayed in and studied, using multiple resources and finally got the strength to try again. I got all the way to the maximum amount of questions only to find that I had failed yet again!

At this point I had become discouraged and began feeling inadequate. I looked into taking the test yet again, only to see that Florida had a rule requiring further education and thousands of dollars before a fourth attempt could be made. I didn’t have that kind of money, so I applied in a different state. I first applied in Alabama but was denied because of my inability to apply again in Florida.  Next I tried Georgia and finally got approved.

On my fourth and final attempt to take the exam, I kept pushing the exam date back dreading the day I would have to test again and being too distracted to study. The time approached to take the test or risk losing my money. I told myself I would just try again. I didn’t study and I didn’t look at anything the day prior to taking the test. I went into the testing center relaxed, and the exam cut off very early. I didn’t cry this time or get anxious. I left feeling okay, whether I passed the test this time or not.  A couple of days late,  I received an email saying that I had been issued my license. I couldn’t believe it…I had finally conquered this major obstacle in my life!

I wrote you all to say thank you for all that you have done and for sticking with me and encouraging me when I had no motivation left. I’ve already sent my application off to endorse my license for Florida. I hope that my story helps future students in the WIA Program understand the importance of not giving up on their dreams!

Thank you for all that you do for our community and how your staff truly cares for the well-being of others. Your staff helped me achieve a major milestone in my life, practicing in a rewarding career that I wouldn’t have been able to afford. Words cannot express how thankful I am for that.

Adrianne Daniels

Submitted by Workforce Investment Act Program Participant, Adrianne Daniels